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    The {W} Family

    November 13, 2011

    Sharing a sneak peek for the {W} Family.

    The one thing I love about my job is that I always learn something new with every session. I learn about my families and their little ones, their personalities and their insecurities. Little {M} was pretty camera shy, and I either had to be quick to capture his smile, or I just had to live in the moment and capture him as the camera shy 3 year old that he is. This was my combination of 2 sessions with the {W} Family. The first time around, I worried that I didn't capture enough of little {M} smiling for family pictures, or in general. So, I scheduled them for a re-shoot and called in reinforcements--- with my talented friend & co-photog for The Studio, Carrie Wray. Well, guess what?!? {Mr. M} was still camera shy...cuz he's still a typical 3 year old!! lol Carrie was able to pull off some great shots, and we helped each other along the way, but in the end it was still capturing an adorable family the way they are today. True, Real, Lovely and In the Moment. Looking back through my first session, I pulled out some shots that I overlooked the first time around. I had to remind myself that it was OK to give them shots of how the day truly was---they are memories afterall. I always tell my families that some of my very favorite shots are the ones that are the real moments, the ones where not every single one of them is looking at the camera. I don't say that just to save my butt if I don't get any "traditional" shots, lol---I truly mean it and have to remind myself of that when editing my sessions. I know that is my style, but might not be everyones. ;) However, if you are booking me for a session, you know my work & that is why you are scheduling with me, right? lol Looking back on these memories, you can laugh and wonder how your once shy 3 year old is now that super outgoing teenager that always wants to be the center of attention and that life is all about "them". Be happy that even though you feel like it was a struggle to capture your family during your 2 or 3 year olds phase of life, you still did it and you'll appreciate those memories as the years pass and life changes. :) Thanks so much {W} Family for reminding me that pictures are memories of who we are at that time in our lives and giving me 2 chances to capture your lovely little family!