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    First we will discuss the type of session you want. Once that is agreed upon, we begin the process of finding the style of your session, followed by choosing the perfect location and extra details that will bring it all together. My main goal in a session is for everyone to have fun! Fun sessions produce enjoyable & genuine images.  A typical portrait session lasts approximately one hour. Generally, natural light is preferable for successful sessions so, if possible, we will schedule our session either early morning or a couple hours before sunset.  I will contact you a few days prior to your session date to confirm time and location and to discuss any questions you may have. 

    Once it has all finished, you can expect to see a sneak peek within 3 days, your full gallery within 3-4 weeks. You will have your flash drive or custom CD in hand within four weeks for a Full session, three weeks for a Micro or Mini session along with your digital download link. So, get your decorating team, and make some space on your wall for the new pictures from your session!

    With a family session my first goal is to capture that beautiful image of all of you together.  We will then move to sibling shots, parent/child shots, and individual child shots as time and cooperation allows. Sometimes, with little ones, that doesn't always go according to plan and that is perfectly OK! I never rush you & love to take my time to get the perfect shots.  If you have any specific requests or props please be sure to let me know ahead of time.

    Clothing choice is ultimately up to individual family style. However, I do have some general guidelines. Please avoid clothing with any writing/emblems/cartoon characters. Don't be afraid of colors or patterns. I recommend coordinated but not identical outfits. Layers are always a great idea, add a fun scarf or blazer, then drop it later in the session for a completely different look. Don't forget the details---accessories are fun & add personality. They can also help tie in outfits by choosing a piece that has your colors or another family members to really make the details pop. Bold is always beautiful. Pick colors that you know you love. You can mix and match prints and solids. Allow everyone to still be themselves, but continue to coordinate. Dress for the season and for the appropriate age. Remember to keep comfort in mind. If you or the kids are not comfortable, you can't relax & have fun!

    Picking your color palette will be the most difficult part of your wardrobe decision. You can do this a few different ways, but the basic premise is to choose 3 colors and work from there. If you plan to have a canvas in your living room, see if you can go off the colors already in your decor.  If you aren’t sure where your images will go, head to the store or your closet. Find an interesting piece that you love for inspiration. Let’s say your daughter has a gorgeous print dress that is blue and yellow, start there and work everyone around those colors! Lastly, if you still need some inspiration....check out Pinterest!

    When do I schedule my maternity session? It is best to schedule your maternity session when you feel the best,  and have a beautifully round belly.  Ideally between 7 and 8 months along.
    I don't do online payments or checks, can we meet in person?  Absolutely! When contacting me be sure to let me know so that all payment arrangements can be made to suit both parties.
    What happens if it rains? Ah, the weather in Michigan, it can be unpredictable. If the weather is inclement I will contact you the day before to discuss options.
    What happens if I lose my USB Flash Drive or digital files?  I archive every session, so your files are safe. Simply, contact me and let me know and you can retrieve them via a digital download. However, please remember to download & save your ShootProof Gallery prior to your expiration date. You are given 4 weeks to download & save your images. I will offer 1 free courtesy upload for those that do not download within their timeframe. Unfortunately, after that 1 free re-load there will be $20.00 reloading fee. Thank you!!